Pete's is Winnemucca’s finest sports gambling establishment. Pete's does sports fun with 11
Big screens. A hearty helping of casino gaming and a endless supply of ice-cold brew makes
PGH the place to be.

Brew, Great Food And Sporting Events: Work/Life Re-Balance Starts At Pete's Gambling Hall

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Big Games Need Big Screens

Gaming At Pete's Gambling Hall

Pete's is Winnemucca’s finest sports gambling establishment. Pete's does fun with 11 Big screens of sports wagering, a hearty helping of casino gaming and a river of ice cold brew, welcome to the way we do it in Nevada

Big Screen Sports Wagering

Pete’s kiosk will take bets on any sporting event excluding horse racing. The William Hill Sports Betting Kiosk will take bets on most major sports including Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Golf and Tennis.

Get instant access to sports betting from the Winnemucca sports betting Kiosk at Pete’s Gambling Hall.

Dozens Of Slot Machines

Pete’s Gambling Hall has a broad section of Slot and video poker machines, from favorite classics to the newest bright and shiny Vegas strip machines. Spinning the reels is the only way to know if your missing out on a lucky day

Grab a beverage, cozy up to a slot machine and watch the game. Multitasking Winnemucca style

Libations And Creations

Thirst is a big problem in Nevada’s deserts and we’re ready to make, shake and pour a cure for this terrible affliction

Pete’s stands as an oasis in the hot Nevada desert, serving the iciest, coldest brews in town. Order another round, grab a seat, and beat the heat while you catch the game.

Worked Up A Hunger?

Whether you stay near by and dine at Dos Amigos or stretch your legs a little and head over to the Star Broiler at Winners Inn and use your Star Rewards, loosen your belt a notch before you get started because this is going to get serious

We Won! .. Er we lost!, Either way it's time to eat! We have Dos Amigos right here or mosey down the street to the Star Broiler and use your Star Rewards card

Special Deals & Star Rewards

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Earn Points And Get Star Perks and Free Play at Pete's Gambling Hall!

Sporting Events Schedule

There are to many great games to keep tabs on without checking the schedule of events … or you could just play it safe and come in every day

No one wants to wake up and realize they missed the party and the big game so check in with the schedule of events to make you aren't hearing it all second hand